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I was raised in northeast Ohio in a homeschooling family. I am now in northeast Iowa, serving Mitchell county and surrounding area. You can most often find me reading, hiking, baking, singing, finding new coffee shops, and visiting siblings and niblings (nieces & nephews). I have a desire to support the building up and strengthening of the home and family, beginning with enabling mothers to give birth in a setting that is both safe and most comfortable to her. It is always an honor to act as guardian and witness to this life changing process.


I became interested in midwifery shortly after high school, and attending my first birth in 2014 confirmed that calling. The following years were full of opportunities and learning experiences in home birth, as well as home health care helping family members. In 2022, I did more intensive training with an experienced midwife in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. During that year I was able to attend over 150 births and gain experience in a number of special situations including breech presentation, twins, and VBAC. After completing my training there, I passed my boards and became recognized by the North American Registry of Midwives as a Certified Professional Midwife. I am also working on finishing my Bachelor of Science in midwifery through Mercy in Action College of Midwifery, a remote study program based in Boise, ID. I plan to graduate in 2024.

hello, I'm Ainsley

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